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Construction Consultancy FAQs

Do you have a question regarding our Construction Consultancy? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below. There are answers below for many common questions regarding our main services including Party Wall Surveying, SAP Calculations, Quantity Surveying and Estimating. However if you have a question that isn't answered below, or you want to find out more, please contact us on 07912 120 052 or send and email to Click here to email us and we will get back to you.


One popular question is what does a quantity surveyor do? A quantity surveyor is in essence a project manager of a building and civil engineering project. They will look after all the financial side of the job i.e. calculating figures, monitoring the project and making sure the project stays within its budget whilst adhering to the project timeline in terms of completion date. Quantity surveyors are an integral part of achieving a party wall agreement or conducting a building survey. They can answer any party wall act questions you might have and assist with the technicalities that arise within the project.

In the instance of there being no party wall agreement
You might be in a position where your neighbour is conducting some permitted development without issuing you with a party wall agreement notice. Therefore there’s no party wall agreement. In the instance where this happens you have a few options to take. First of all is appoint a Party Wall Surveyor, they will flesh out any disagreements, serve notices and help with the project plan.

- When, how and what will be developed.

- How much it will cost, who will pay for what & covering the party wall surveyor costs.

If your neighbour is doing the work and there is no party wall surveyor present, you can appoint the services yourself.

If you did receive a party wall notice and you want to appeal this, you have to do this within 14 days of receival to the County Court. But it’s useful to remember that, if the work is completed before your appeal is registered and returned then you have no leg to stand on.

When the work commences from your doing, you must avoid causing any inconveniences to your neighbour, you must also protect your neighbour’s property from any damage or disturbances, in the case where there is accidental damage or disturbance, you must amend this financially. The neighbour must give access to their property within usual working hours so that the workmen can commence with the job. This notice must be given within 14 days notice unless in an emergency to the neighbour prior to the work being started.

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